Monday, March 26, 2012

story#7 meet DANA FAISAL "Wayed Vintage"

well maybe not everyone knows this about me but i looooove vintage and i love collecting vintage jewelries,vintage for me is a dream a place i can run to when i want to get back to the Hollywood glamour era... 
recently i met a beautiful talented smart fashionista ,and we share the same love for vintage ...
imagine, she is only 22 years old,,and she is already the girl of the hour,,,its very cool to see a young girl that can appreciate art and history and express it through one word "VINTAGE" 
she started her business when she was only 17 years old, she is a true inspiration for everyone,,,loved her unique classy taste,simplicity,and her 50's style
her dreams are way beyond imagination,, the sky is her limit...and she is a huge believer.....i have to say im in love !!!
now enough with me and let me introduce you story #7 ,the beautiful girl behind "Wayed Vintage" online boutique...DANA FAISAL WOLLEY..

Who is Dana? 
A 22 year old fashion obsessed young woman living in Dubai. Owner/Founder of Wayed Vintage.
How did you discover your love for vintage?
Ive always had a love for vintage items, since as long as i can remember. I was always drawn to the old hollywood era. All the glitz and glamour!

When we say vintage, what comes to your mind? 
Something glamorous, unique , and very special. 
Who introduced you to the vintage world?
 No one. Its something that "just" happened at a very young age! 

What is your most valuable item of all time? 
 Earrings and Necklace jewelry set designed and signed by Elizabeth Taylor, as well a ring signed by her as well. I also have a very RARE Monet necklace and earrings ( not for sale yet! )
We saw you lately listed as one of the 100 best dressed in middle east, how did that happen?N what you got from that? 
 I honestly don't know how that happened, i just woke up one day to an email from Harper's and i was so surprised and excited! I was happy to be noticed for my love of fashion and my style. It was such a great experience for me and a great honor since Harper's Bazaar is one of my favorite magazines and is recognized globally for being very fashion forward. It opened up a lot of opportunities for me, I became recognized as someone who is fashionable and different not just as Owner of Wayed Vintage. This also helped me business wise. More people recognized Wayed Vintage!

Tell me about wayed vintage!! How did you start?the story behind it?
 Well to be frank and honest. Everything happened so fast, and it was so unplanned! It was mid 2006 and i already had collected and gathered a lot of vintage rare pieces, specially earrings and brooches. Wherever i travelled, i would go hunting for vintage jewelry, and then it came to my mind that i should start a business selling rare vintage pieces. It was a niche, and i was the first in the UAE or the GCC region to get into the vintage jewelry business. I remember i started by creating a Facebook group, and adding my friends ( and friends added friends and so on ). It was empty, but i was getting everyone excited of what's yet to come! I created a name and a logo. Everything seemed perfect, it was midnight and i posted 25 images of the pieces on the group and i sold out in minutes. I did not expect this at all, it was a total shock for me. My customers inspired me to continue doing this. And i got really serious about it and turned Wayed Vintage into the brand it is today.

Lately everyone is crazy about vintage, do you think that ppl started to appreciate history and art more?
 To be honest with you, Yes i do believe that people are appreciating history and art more, but i still don't see that people appreciate how unique and special vintage items are. Some people underestimate " vintage ". 
did you face any obstacles? How did you manage them?
 Yes indeed. I came across many obstacles. Being only 17 years of age when i started this, i did not have enough education in regards to jewelry and the whole business world as whole. It was all a new experience for me. I made a lot of financial mistakes, and wrong decisions. But this is a learning process. I learned with every mistake i made. I recently started facing some obstacles in regards to new entrants to the market of vintage jewelry. There was a lot of competitors starting to appear . I was concerned at the beginning but used this as an opportunity to grow and get ahead of the game. I also went through other problems since i was doing this all by myself, i was in charge of every single thing. I needed help, like a personal assistant, and someone who could take care of finance,photography, PR. And that's exactly what i did, i hired a PR company to help out with growing this brand and taking it to new level. Also hired a great photographer who changed the way i displayed my jewelry , and now it is much more professional. There are many obstacles, but i do believe that there is always a way to tackle them.

Dana you are only 22 years old,,,what's your plan for 2012? 
Launching my website, and working hard on getting my blog established and recognized. 
What is your ultimate dream? 
To start my own vintage inspired jewelry line based in NY. ( A plan in the making! ) 

WHat are you planning for the future? what is the next step?
 My online store is opening soon ,that's a big step for WV. I will also be creating/designing my own vintage inspired jewelry line as mentioned above. And at that same time, ill also be designing vintage inspired clothing.I'll make it my mission in life to get back all that 50's glamour !
At last , what would you say to our readers as a young business woman? The sky is the limit! Theres nothing that CANT be done. Its all possible. Never give up on your business, always work hard to make it better to keep competitors at bay!  
so what you think of this young business woman, great example and an amazing inspiration ,,, 
thank you Dana for this chit-chat,really enjoyed it,,,and i hope my readers enjoyed it as well...

feel free to check on DANA'S vintage collection WAYED VINTAGE
or her vintage blog Vintage Tells A Story

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